Dedication of the Confederate Memorial Plaza
April 24, 2021
Anderson, Texas

On Saturday, April 24th, 2021, Commander Lee Lance (MOS&B Chapter 312) dressed as a Confederate Navy Captain attended the Dedication of the Confederate Memorial Plaza in Anderson, Texas. The plaza was the result of a special project of the Grimes County Greys SCV Camp 924 of Anderson. The unit was denied a request to place a CSA memorial on the Grimes County Courthouse site so they raised funds to purchase an available plot of land on Main St just three doors down from the courthouse. The camp sold commemorative bricks and solicited contributions. The overwhelming success resulted in the camp being able to buy the land, build a formidable entryway of brick and ironwork, acquire a custom statue depicting a Grimes County Greys soldier and plinth. The dedication included a small parade of uniformed men and ladies in period attire, and display of various CSA national flags. The group also re-enacted the 1861 induction of county volunteers into CSA service. Several displays of authentic and replica armaments and other accoutrements were on public display.