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General Basil W. Duke Literary Award


The General Basil W. Duke Award is given to encourage the re-issuance of out-of-print books that accurately present history of the War for Southern Independence. The Award shall be in the amount of $1,000 presented directly to the publisher of the reprinted volume. The publisher shall receive an engraved trophy denoting that he was the recipient of the award all books to be considered for this award shall be submitted to the Judging Committee by April 1st by the publisher. Invitation to participate in the competition is extended to any publisher who issues a book between May 1st of the previous year and April 1st of the current year, that has not been republished since the expiration of the original copyright. All entries must include a letter from the publisher stating the year the book was published originally, and the date the reprint was issued. The judges shall consider the quality, accuracy, style and value to Confederate historiography when selecting the winning book. Regimental histories, autobiographies, memoirs and biographies of noted Confederate leaders are among the types of books to be considered for this award. If the winning book goes to a second printing, it shall contain an acknowledgment that selected as the winner of the General Basil W. Duke Award, plus stating the year it was awarded.

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