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Membership in the Military Order of the Stars and Bars (MOSB) will be one of your most meaningful experiences. Membership is limited to male descendants, either lineal or collateral, of the officers who served honorably in the Army, Navy, and other commands of the Confederate States of America and male descendants of the elected and appointed civilian officials of the Confederate States; the national Confederate Government; and the Five Civilized Tribes which allied with the Confederacy. There must be a qualifying ancestor to join our order. Proof of honorable service is required.

The preferred method to join the MOSB is through a chapter in your area. To determine the closest chapter, contact our International Headquarters: .

Headquarters can guide you through the process and see that you are placed in contact with a convenient chapter. If no local chapter is available, you will join the National At-Large Chapter.

The first step will be to download and save the auto-fill form application to your hard drive. Then open it up and begin typing your answers. Handwritten applications are not permissible. The application is an auto-fill form, so you can work on it until you are ready to print, sign, and mail it. Legal-size or double-sided sheets will not be accepted. All applications shall one-sided and be 8.5" by 11". Do not staple any pages in the application. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Click here to download a MOS&B Membership Application

For direct relationship, begin by filling out the family information sheet, starting with yourself and continue through each generation back to your Qualifying Confederate Ancestor.

For a collateral relationship, type the application from you to the Most Common Recent Ancestor (MCRA) which is typically a distant Grandparent. Mark the ancestor MCRA. This is very important. If necessary, use a second application beginning with the MCRA and list to the Qualifying Confederate Ancestor. Make sure to label the applications 1 and 2 or A and B. If you can link your family tree to our Collateral Database, then begin the application from you and list each generation to the ancestor as stated above. Collateral relationships must demonstrate a precise degree of relation e.g., 5C5R, 1C4R, Great Nephew.

Fill in all known dates and locations for each generation including maiden names.

Proofs: Always begin with a copy of your birth certificate and your parents' birth and or death certificates. Always use primary documents including birth, marriage, death certificates, census records, family bible entries, published genealogical books on your family tree, and military records to the practical extent. Use one primary proof per generation.

Primary documents can be found back to the turn of the 20th century easily. Applicants for membership in a local chapter will be assisted by local resources and members. Those applying for National-At-Large membership will be assisted by the Genealogist General.

Proof of acceptable Confederate service is mandatory. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Each application from a local chapter must be signed by the applicant and also by the individual recommending membership, a local chapter officer, and the society genealogist or society commander.

If applying for National At-Large Chapter, the application and all supporting documents along with the joining fee payable to the MOSB must be mailed to: Military Order of Stars and Bars, P.O. Box 697, Nixa, MO 65714-0697. Legacy applications must be filled out completely and signed. Primary proofs must be provided from the applicant to the hero upon which the application is based. If further proof or information is required, the Genealogist General will contact the applicant for them.

Members submitting supplemental applications should download the auto-fill application form, fill it out, and attach all proofs. Because you are already a member you do not need any other signature on the form but your own. All generations need a proof since the application goes into a separate file.

The application fee and the first twelve months of national dues are included with the $60 initial payment, which must accompany your completed application. Annual renewals for national membership are $45 and are due at the end of each calendar year for the following year. Your Louisiana Society and Local Chapter may also have annual dues in addition to the national dues.

Please only send one check for each application. One check for multiple applications is not permissible.

Kevin Hawkins, Genealogist General

Fee Schedule
Dues (Renewals & Reinstatements) $45.00
New Member Application ** $60.00
Life Member Application * (see chart)
Supplemental Application $20.00
Legacy New Member Application *** $50.00
Replacement/Additional Certificate $20.00
Charters (Chapter and State) $40.00






* May be paid in lieu of regular new member application
** Current dues regardless of length of inactivity - No resubmission of application
*** Submission of genealogical lineage past legacy member requested if this information was not submitted with the original member's application.

Life Membership
Under Age 20 $1000
Age 20 - 29 $900
Age 30 - 39 $800
Age 40 - 49 $700
Age 50 - 59 $600
Age 60 - 69 $500
Age 70 + $400
President Jefferson Davis "When the South raised its sword against the Union's Flag, it was in defense of the Union's Constitution.".

- - - General John Brown Gordon
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