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We are always looking for photos and articles about MOS&B events and activities. Here are some general guidelines that will be helpful in preparing material for submission to the site:

Photos should be sent at full resolution, or at least the highest resolution available for what you have. We may need to crop the image, and having the hi-res image helps. The final standard size we use is 640x480, but we will reduce it to that size.

Photos should be in Landscape format (horizontal orientation) if at all possible. Some subjects don't lend themselves to that orientation, so this is certainly not a "hard and fast rule".

Please be sure to include a caption for each photograph.

Written articles should be sent as plain text. If you prefer to work with formatted text, that's fine, but it will be converted to plain text and then formatted using the web site software.

Please include "Submitted by" information for the article and photos. If you have a "full face" photo (see the example below) of the person submitting it, we'd like to include that as well. It helps people make a "connection" with a name.

Material can be sent directly to the Webmaster (Larry "Joe" Reynolds) at

Link Policy

While we welcome and encourage incoming links to this web site, our policy is that we will only post links to official MOS&B web sites or to sites related to projects in which MOS&B is directly involved.

A Note from the Webmaster:

Larry Joe ReynoldsThis is your web site. Please don't hesitate to pass along any ideas and suggestions you may have to improve the web site. Don't worry if it seems impractical or unworkable - even if it is, it may lead to other ideas.

Larry "Joe" Reynolds
Webmaster General

Robert Lewis Dabney "Sirs, you have no reason to be ashamed of your Confederate dead; see to it they have no reason to be ashamed of you."

- - - Robert Lewis Dabney, Chaplain for Stonewall Jackson
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