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The Military Order of the Stars and Bars accepts collateral relationships for membership in the Order. Many are descended from an eligible ancestor, but are unaware of the tie. A database of the ancestries of five Confederate notables through their fourth great-grandparents has been developed to assist in the identifying of such ancestors. The notables are President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and JEB Stuart. Interested applicants, or those seeking to add a “supplemental” ancestor to their membership, are invited to compare the eligible ancestors in the linked file with their own pedigrees. Where accepted relationships are identified, it will only be necessary to “prove” their tie to such an ancestor - not the complete details back to the “key” relative. Supplemental membership will be recorded for the applicant in the membership files and a separate certificate issued for a $20 payment.  Please forward the supplemental application and your check for $20 to:
      MOS&B GHQ
      P.O. Box 697
      Nixa, MO 65714-0697


Pedigree Charts for Notable Confederate Officers (PDF Format)

Robert E. Lee
Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson
Jefferson Davis
Jeb Stuart
Nathan Bedford Forrest
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