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Military Order of the Stars and Bars Societies

Army of Northern Virginia

Army of Northern Virginia
David M. Edwards
Executive Councilor
Rev. Becket Soule
Executive Councilor
Thomas Bello

Army of Tennessee

Army of Tennessee
Christopher Heuer
Executive Councilor
J. Stanley Howell
Executive Councilor
Steven M. Barbaree

Army of Trans-Mississippi

Army of Trans-Mississippi
David P. McMahon
Executive Councilor
Taylor Conner
Executive Councilor
Larry  Joe  Reynolds

Maryland Society

North Carolina Society
Commander: Ron Perdue
Adjutant: Byron Brady

South Carolina
Commander: James Bay
Adjutant: M. Cain Griffin

Virginia Society
Commander: Martin Lane
Adjutant: Gary Roseman

Alabama Society
Commander: Carl P. Black
Adjutant: William W. Morgan, III

Florida Society
Commander: Tarry Beasley
Adjutant: Jeff Sizemore

Georgia Society
Commander: Steve Barbaree
Adjutant: Willard Barnes

Illinois Society

Kentucky Society

Mississippi Society
Commander: Stan Howell
Adjutant: Mike Moore

Tennessee Society
Commander: Jason Boshers
Adjutant: David Pope

Arizona Society

Arkansas Society
Commander: Craig Jones
Adjutant: J. Troy Massey

California Society
Commander: Hal Cardwell
Adjutant: Howard Jones

Louisiana Society
Commander: Keith Hoffman
Adjutant: Vacant

Missouri Society
Commander: Jon Trent
Adjutant: Taylor Conner

Oklahoma Society
Commander: Jeff Massey
Adjutant: Vacant

Texas Society
Commander: George W. Williamson
Adjutant: R. Steve Melton

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